First Snowfall

Well yall! Today marks the the First Snowfall of the year here in the Netherlands!

20131206-114439.jpg Guess you can say I am extremely excited. It’s something about the snow that fills the air with magic and happiness for me. I never grew up with white Christmas’s as kid due to the fact of growing up in southern Texas. Last year I experienced my first huge snow storm in Montana and it was something else. But living here in the Netherlands if feels somewhat different. The air quality maybe? I don’t know, but I do know I love every minute of it! I must add though living here in the netherlands the weather is very bipolar. This morning it snowed one minute, then clear sky’s and sun the next. Got to love it. My pups quite enjoy it too. I couldn’t capture any pictures of them because they couldn’t contain their excitement as well outside! Snow beards it was for them this morning!
I must add though, driving in the snow is the scariest thing for me. They say the Dutch here aren’t very good at driving as well which makes me even more nervous!
So today will be spent indoor enjoying company of a toddler, my lit Christmas tree, some chores, and baking Apple chips. I found a few recipes on Pinterest that look delicious and I couldn’t wait to try them. Also I just so happen to have a batch of apples sitting on my counter too waiting to be eaten. Going to be a glorious gloomy day here at the Delvalle household. At least until my husband gets home and talks my ear off❤️



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